Athlete NFT's & Securities

A true fiduciary advisory to protect athletes and properly file NFT's as securities. Mint your own NFT assets and list it on an SEC approved ATS


Create your NFT and smart contract and start the process


Test the waters and reward early investors


List your NFT on an approved alternative trading platform


Initial non-fungible token offering to fans and collectors

NFT’s are all the rage.  Non Fungible Tokens as they are officially called is a new way to offer ownership to almost anything.  This ownership can also be sold as fractional bits.  The bits are documented on the blockchain and can be bought and sold via alternative trading platforms (ATP’s)  

In the United States assets are typically regulated. The collectible NFT’s that are available through ATP’s fall into regulated securities and need to be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).   If NFT’s are not registered they may be at risk of compliance violations, investor may lose their investment.

360 Sports offers athletes the opportunity to create and list their NFT as a security, on an SEC approved and regulated ATP.  Additionally athlete’s enrolled in our athlete business accelerator can benefit from additional tax efficiencies.